The Magical Mountains

Announcing the Annual Congress of The Australian Society of Hypnosis Ltd

Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 September 2019

Come to the Blue Mountains to learn about hypnosis and pain management; find stories to motivate and heal with; and discover Shamanic healing through altered consciousness

This Congress is designed for all practitioners – experience with hypnosis is beneficial – but those new to hypnosis will find valuable contributions to their clinical work.

The Location

The Blue Mountains is a magical place any time of the year. Spring sees vibrant coloured trees, bushes and gardens. The bushland is densely populated by oil-bearing eucalyptus trees. The atmosphere is filled with finely dispersed droplets of oil, which, in combination with dust particles and water vapour, scatter short-wave rays of light which are predominantly blue in colour. The magical nature of our Congress site is reflected in the World Heritage listing given to the Blue Mountains in 2000.

Congress Venue

The Congress venue is the Hotel Mountain Heritage in the historic heart of the Blue Mountains boasting an official 4½ star accommodation rating, featuring spectacular views of pristine World Heritage wilderness from many rooms. Enjoy all the charm, romance and intimacy of a European-style country retreat with multi-award winning standards.

This centrally located yet peacefully secluded mountain mansion is just a few minutes leafy stroll from Katoomba’s vibrant retail and transport hub. 

Treat yourself to panoramic views of the Jamison Valley’s rugged sandstone escarpments and tree-filled canyons from the luxury of your own room, suite or villa. Or simply soak up the splendour from our relaxing communal areas.

Enjoy 2 & 1/2 days of educational and innovative training in this magical part of Australia, that you can immediately utilise in your professional setting! 

Come and learn from the skills and experience of noted Australian and internationally known academics and practitioners – bought together for the first time! The programme is ideal for hypnosis practitioners but is also designed for all health and mental health professionals with an interest in altered states of consciousness.

The Programme

Day Time Activity Presenter
Thursday 19 1800-1930 Welcome Reception
Friday 20 0900-1000
Keynote Address
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Kevin McConkey PhD
Allan Cyna DRCOG
James Bramson PhD
Saturday 21 0900-1200
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
BBQ Dinner
Doris Brett PhD
James Bramson PhD
Sunday 22 0900-1200 Workshop 5 Annette Webb MBBS
Diane McGreal PhD

Keynote Address
Nine Facets of Hypnosis
Kevin McConkey AM, PhD University of New South Wales, Sydney

Workshop 1
Little words BIG Impact: Hypnosis and Communication for the Management of Pain
Allan M Cyna DRCOG, DipClinHyp, FRCA, FANZCA, PhD Senior Consultant Anaesthetist Women’s and Children’s Hospital Clinical Senior Lecturer University of Adelaide

Workshop Description: Negative suggestions, more commonly known as nocebo communications, are frequent in clinical practice and can lead to subconscious, non-volitional patient responses in mood, perception or behaviour. Suggestibility increases when patients are highly anxious, distressed or in pain. It also is higher in the obstetric and paediatric population. Telling patients that a procedure ‘will hurt’ increases the likelihood that the perception referred to will be experienced as pain. Fortunately, the reverse is also true, and telling patients that there are ways to improve their comfort, such as taking a deep breath or “blowing away anything you don’t like” can make things more comfortable. Negative words such as pain, vomit and panic should be avoided where possible unless the patient mentions them first. Evidence suggests that communication related nocebo effects could be avoided by promoting an understanding of suggestion and the various conscious and subconscious processes involved when interacting with patients. A learnable framework for effective hypnotic clinical communication has been developed to assist patient care during potentially painful procedures on the ward. This structure includes: Listening; Acceptance; Utilisation; Reframing and Suggestion (LAURS). This workshop will also include learning how the ‘believed in imagination technique’ can be used for hypnotic analgesia and anaesthesia. Teaching patients the steeple self-hypnosis technique for managing pain and other hypnotic strategies in acute and chronic pain management such as the use of ideomotors and switch wire imagery will be taught and practised.

Workshop 2
Shamanism & Hypnosis: The Mountains & Caverns of Mystery 
Dr James Bramson
James H. Bramson is a licensed psychologist and social worker with over 25 years of experience. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Northern California Mindfulness Institute & East Bay Mindfulness Center. James continues to work as a clinical director, teacher, supervisor, organisational consultant, neuropsychologist, forensic psychologist, expert witness and clinician. He utilises advanced hypnosis techniques, and strategic solution-focused CBT & IFS treatment methods to help individual clients and couples optimize their full potential – – to live, work and love “mindfully.”

Workshop Description: Explore the relationship between hypnosis and shamanic journeying. Practitioners can produce a trance-like state for clients (via hypnosis, shamanic journeying, or by combination of the two). Shamanic work in combination with hypnosis can be healing, freeing, mind altering and illuminating for clients. The caverns of mystery refers to the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds that a shamanic journey can take one to. Each level represents an area of consciousness, learning, discovery and potential healing. 

Workshop 3
Finding the Stories Within – pathways to the oldest healer.
Dr Doris Brett is a clinical psychologist who has worked as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for 44 years. She is also an award-winning poet and writer whose books have been published in the U.S.A., Europe and Australia

Workshop Description: We are made of stories and, in turn, stories make us. Some stories are visible to us and others are below the surface, waiting to be seen and recognised. Some of our stories about ourselves can be encapsulated in a few words, others are more complex, but each story that we tell ourselves, whether brief or lengthy, affects the way we live, think and feel about ourselves. 

This is an experiential workshop which will demonstrate some of the ways to discover our internal narratives and put them into words. These techniques can be used both in an out of trance. 

Workshop 4
Master Class: Shamanism & Hypnosis
Dr James Bramson

Workshop Description: Learn how hypnosis scripts and shamanic trance and journeying rituals can become synergistic and healing. Discover how forward progression techniques and/or destiny retrieval rituals can be used to solve problems, plan for the future, unlock mysteries, and clarify a life purpose. Conversely, past regression rituals (regression techniques) can be equally illuminating, so one can learn from their past. A shamanic journey can also bring someone into a state of present centered awareness, more enlightened, informed, mindful and reenergized. Please bring case studies to learn how shamanism and hypnosis can be combined. This class will be highly experiential. You will learn how shamanic rituals (sound healing, movement, music, chanting, and aroma therapy) can be integrated into hypnosis, induction and trance work. 

Workshop 5
Diploma Students Case Presentations
Join students completing their ASH Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis as they each present a case study with a client, in preparation for their assessment. The workshop is also suitable for clinicians who would like to discuss their case work.

Annette Webb are MBBS FRACP MD Royal Melbourne Hospital Dept of Gastroenterology & Adjunct Senior Lecturer Monash University.
Diane McGreal PhD, MEdPsych Psychologist in private practice.

The Venue

Mountain Heritage Hotel, cnr Apex and Lovel Streets Katoomba NSW

To book the special room rates we have negotiated, telephone (02) 4782 2155 or email: and ask Lorissa for the special ASH Congress rates – which are significantly lower than every online booking site!

NOTE: special discounted accommodation must cover three nights (19-21 September) and be booked and paid for by 10 May 2019. Payments are non-refundable.

How to get there
Katoomba is 102 kms from Sydney CBD

By car is via the M4 and Great Western Highway. Estimated 1:31 hrs travel

By train – from Central Station is 2:00 hrs travel

If arriving at Mascot by air:
Catch the Airport-Central train and connect with Blue Mountains services

There is also a coach service from Mascot to Katoomba.

Registration Fees and Registration Procedure

The Early Bird Full Delegate fee is $650.00.
This is available until COB Friday 12 July 2019

This includes:

The Standard Full Delegate fee is $750.00
The Standard Delegate fee for ASH members is $700.00 (after 12 July 2019)
The Standard Delegate fee for all others is $750.00 (after 12 July 2019)
Inclusions as above

There is a special heavily discounted Delegate fee for students enrolled for the Society’s Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis in 2019. Contact for details.

Partner Registration is $150.00 (includes Welcome Reception and BBQ Dinner)

To Register: Complete the EFT/Cheque Registration Form

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