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Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
December 2016 Volume 41 Number 2



1. Hypnosis in Australia: A Sampling of Applied Case Studies From a Variety of Professions
Nadine Pelling

2. Three Session Mindful Self-Hypnosis Training for Analgesia in a Severely Depressed Client
Johanna Saltis

3. Hypnosis to Enhance Academic Performance in Year 12
Catherine Mahoney.

4. Hypnotic Treatment of Repeated Childhood Nightmares: A Case Honouring and Utilizing Religious Beliefs in Treatment
Nadine Pelling and Travis Gee

5. Hypnosis for Adjunctive Pain Relief in a Patient With Multiple Sclerosis Related Trigeminal Neuralgia
Lisa McCall-Strafford

6. Hypnosis as an Adjunctive Treatment for Intrapsychic Restructuring and Healing in an Adult Child Sexual Abuse Survivor
Paula Bonney

7. Metastatic Cancer and Hypnosis
Sally Swift

8. Hypnotic Enhancement of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Reduction of Chronic Headache Induced by Academic Anxiety
Kokkwang Lim

9. Clinical Hypnosis in the Management of Panic Disorder With Cognitive-Behavioural and Spiritual Strategies
Kokkwang Lim

10. Hypnosis Support for a Client Experiencing Clozapine Withdrawal Symptoms
Alpana Baruah

11. Mi’kmaq Traditional Medicine: Integral Methods, Ericksonian Metaphor, and Recovery from Transgenerational Trauma
Joseph Randolph Bowers